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If you are not logged in:
► You can not read the most important part of many texts.
► You can not send any questions or suggestions to the authors of the texts.
► But you can usually take part in promotions, petitions, etc..

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This site is recommended by:
 img  This site is recommended by:

Recommended by politicians: Citizens with a lot of knowledge support high-quality policies.
Recommended by teachers: Students who already know a lot learn better.
Recommended by parents: They live in the vain hope that their children will be wiser than they were at the same age.
Only those who have a general education cannot be manipulated. Only those who cannot be manipulated can enjoy the happiness of freedom.
"THE" Internet becomes "YOUR" Internet. Through the (MC) code: You too can now become a web publisher.

1. You enter a text on some website that is included by Google in its index (nearly all active sites).
(Social networks: Mostly not indexed by Google.)

2. You choose a topic from the many topics of the platform family.
Write somewhere else your text about this topic.

3. Insert the (MC) code somewhre in your text.
Insert in your text the web address of our platform page where you saw this code (MC:) ....
Your Questions?
Also your videos and podcasts!
   info ► It's best to start right away!
► Then the (MC) code must appear in the accompanying text and the link to one of the platforms here.
► Otherwise it is exactly the same.
► Especially videos are efficient. They are easy to make: Texts as templates are usually already available.

What is the (MC) Media-Code?
   info ► This is a permanently assigned code for a single topic.
► Permanent: Earlier codes, for example from 2003, have remained unchanged until today.
► The first 3 to 4 letters of the codes are the most important: They identify the theme.
► The "-" is followed by abbreviations for the individual topic.
► The code can have appendices depending on the language, for example -en -de.

► More details: on - start a browser search for: Sphinx
► Additional information for those interested: Each topic has a second invisible more exact "SPHINX" code. Helpful for intelligent software functions.

The result? Via Google!
   info ► How will your text be assigned to the topic?
► Via Google or any other search engine:

a) A search for the (MC)-code will list all texts on this topic a short time later - maybe 1 day, sometimes 1 month. Your text should also appear there.

b) Here is in work: How all authors could enter the links to their texts themselves. These should then always be displayed here. -Ys2_ c) Everything new... Details in work.

What is "POLLIMATT"? UNO7?
   info "POLLIMATT"?    From the Greek "polymath" = multidisciplinary thinker.
"UNO7"?    Citizens "UN"ited for "O"pposition - every day.

Social Networks? Facebook etc.? Good idea.
   info ► In every single article about a topic always insert the (MC)-code of the topic.
► Then the social network's search function will usually list all the posts on the topic.
Limitation: The (MC) code concept will not work universally. However, it would be optimal for cooperation between media platforms (education and politics).
img so beautiful Be kind to each other!
(comments, messages)
The "5 Commandments" of this website:

► If you’re here to get help, make it as easy as possible for others to help you. Remember: Our community is mostly made possible by volunteers.
► If you’re here to help others, be patient and welcoming. Offer support if you see someone in need of help.
► Be clear and constructive when giving feedback, and be open when receiving it.
► Be kind and avoid sarcasm. If a situation makes it hard to act kindly, stop participating and move on.
► Flag harmful behavior, whether it’s directed at you or others. This will notify moderators or automatically delete such comments.

img my home is my castle Privacy protection:
► We only expect from users to supply an e-mail address.
► Fantasy names are allowed and preferred.
► You only enter other data if you want it and do it yourself.

► Your data will not be sold to anyone and will not be shared.
► We do not have any "like"-buttons, etc. As a result, we protect your data significantly against social networks.

► Unfortunately, we too have to use "cookies" but only applied as far as necessary for your user comfort. (For "Sessions". No evaluation / storage by us.)
► There are technical alternatives to cookies. Unfortunately, we can not enforce this alone.
 img  Invitation: Media websites and authors.
Invitation: Media websites and authors.
Contact:     ok   @
Integrate your texts and media into a virtual international knowledge platform:
All are easily linked via search engines. Websites with high-quality content are invited - politics, knowledge, analysis, topicality. Furthermore, authors publishing on the net:

Expert authors, not lay opinions :
In particular, economists, engineers, natural scientists (and sociologists and political scientists, as far as similarly scientifically abstractly oriented).

Authors who do not have an own website yet:
These authors can easily create their own webste. Example: With WORDPRESS. This website can then be associated with here existing platforms by linking to them.

Full embedding is also technically possible.
Your own autonomous website will then appear at the same time as a sub-website of a platform existing here. A suitable procedure can be agreed upon.

The core problem is not to have good texts on the Internet.
The core problem is to have many readers for it. This can work well with university teachers and with associations and in companies.

creation of Videos and Podcasts
EN DE FR ES RU ZH AR PT JP img  same content, different views

Suggestions please to:    ok @
(in languages _EN_ _DE_ FR_ _ES_)

► Important texts of this website should also be available as video and podcast. In particular: _EN_ _FR_ _FR_ _ES_
► Publishing: Youtube and others. - Access will also be integrated into this website.
► Costs are low. For _EN_ _DE_ we already have a team (Berlin). - Please contact us:
► (1) If you can contribute to the financing.
► (2) If you are willing to create such videos or podcasts for free.
► (3) If you want to make it a startup business.

img author and co-author in harmony Translations proofreaders wanted.

Suggestions please to:    ok @
(in languages _EN_ _DE_ FR_ _ES_)

► For texts for education, science, deep thinking, abstract analysis.
► Especially from English and German into the other languages.
► Only by native speakers of the respective languages.
► By good such translations, students can earn points for their professional applications and exam grades.
img when many people contribute Businesses and organizations:
► Collective memberships and sponsorship memberships can be arranged. Please use the contact form.
► Businesses and organizations can receive distinct areas for internal or public communication or citizen discussion.
► Agreements conforming to the legislation for continuing professional development can be arranged.

img when many people contribute sponsors, patrons, heirs, Weltverbesserer
(a rich man who dies rich was a poor man)

Suggestions please to:    ok @
(in languages _EN_ _DE_ FR_ _ES_)

► Individual agreements are useful starting from 10 000 EUR / USD.
► Write what you like from these sites.
► Suggest your funding.
► We create optimal benefit for your money.
► - and a digital memorial on the Internet.

IMG color fish Your advertisement on this site:
Contact:        ok   @
FAIRWORDS_: How to advertise on 2000 Internet pages?
No LIKE buttons!
(MC:) PTW-NONETS-EN          EN          DE      FR      ES Cookies information: Also there.

 img  Battle undecided: Who owns the truth?

to join in

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   Think !tnereffid

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100++ profitable projects for your money:
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 img Knowledge? - Wisdom!
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 img  united for democracy
UND7.ORG    united for democracy
Join in right away- Petitions!
(still baby state)
  Votre adresse mail suffit.

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Join in right away! Crowdfunding!
(still baby state)

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 img  6 E-books:
6 E-books:
fundamental main topic areas of "deep thinking":
   _EN_    _DE_    _FR_    (_ES_)

 img  Don't be jealous. From 150 life becomes boring.
health and wellness
►  "The secrets of Centenarians."

At present only in German language, soon also in English.

 img  <br/> At present only in German language, soon also in English.
Corona: Truth!
     ► the TRUE statistics

     ► danger of totalitarianism

 img  About the e-books:
About the e-books:
Almost everything is new (created 2017...2023).

... is sponsored by third parties.
   info ► Perhaps some support also by you: 20 USD? 50 USD?
► (The obsolete version 10USD ("PICCOLO") was only necessary because of distribution rules and cannot contribute much.)

► Especially important is the financial contribution for the 6 e-books "deep learning & thinking":      "Optimal Policy", "Economic Knowledge", "Future", "Archetypes", "100-Year-Old", "Classification" (="SPHINX").
► So far each e-book has ~100 pages (A4). Every buyer is at the same time "donor":    Sponsors 1 additional page of text with the purchase. Target is 200 to 300 A4 pages per e-book.
► For at least 12 months after purchase, you will automatically receive the respective extended version as a .pdf file free of charge.
   They are "meritorious goods" - with no prospect of profit and that's fine for ideal purposes.
Therefore: "Purchase = Donation".

Version "TOP": (20 USD)
   info ► Contains all contents.
► Version "PICCOLO" (~10 USD) is an old version: Only about half of the contents.

Version "MAESTRO": (50 USD): Identical, but:
... Text requests are possible, see below.
Previous payments:
   info ► Example: You bought for about 9 USD - and later from the same(!) e-book theme a more expensive version
You simply pay the difference. Please note this when ordering / paying. Creditable but only for the same e-book topic.
Order processing is currently still done manually. So this works problem-free.
   How can they be credited?

Additional services:
Update: 12 months. Free of charge.
   info ► For A4 variants .pdf: "TOP" (20 USD), "MAESTRO" (50 USD).
► At least for 12 months if/as soon as major enhancements are made. Probably much longer.
► By e-mail. As A4 .pdf (or maybe later .htm).
► variant PICCOLO (~10 USD): No update delivery.

If Amazon order:
   info ► Supplied in the small KINDLE format.
► This is the version "PICCOLO".
► Our software can also generate the .epub format. At the moment we do not see a need for this.
   (~10 €):

Your wishes to the author:
Extension wishes?
   info ► This is only for the more expensive "MAESTRO"-editions a bit financially covered.
► Wishes are then welcome. They help to become more complete.
► However, please do not have to high expectations. Furthermore, for many things there is no simple short answer.

► Scope: Usually 1 to 2 additional pages are created in the case of extension requests.
   (to authors)
Please spread the word... these web addresses (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, forums, etc.).
                         -ana-pubcc-pha13922# D=23c21 F=aac-act-en.htm